Announcement:  Check out the SAS version of SAMON!

Missing outcome data are a widespread problem in randomized trials. The analysis of studies with missing data require untestable assumptions. As a result, it is important that one evaluate the robustness of the trial results to such assumptions (i.e., sensitivity analysis). We have been funded by both the FDA and PCORI to develop a suite of free, open source SAS and R software tools that will allow users to conduct global sensitivity analysis of their studies. Global senstivity analysis is like "stress testing" in reliability engineering, where a product is systematically subjected to increasingly exaggerated forces (i.e., assumptions) in order to determine its breaking point (i.e., non-significant result).  If the breaking point occurs at forces that are judged to be extreme, then the results are judged to be robust; otherwise, the results are judged to be fragile.

We will disseminate our sensitivity analysis software through this website.  If you would like to become a user of the software and participate in the online discussion forum, please request an account.